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Wood Garage Doors, Boston MA.

Boston and its suburbs are all attached to one common idea - We all care to maintain the unique landscape that is so identify with our city and its surrounding Motro. With all in regards to garage doors, it has a significant impact on the classic view of our towns, because the natural and historical beauty of many houses around MA. And all of it start with the natural look of their wood garage doors.

Our company is all well into that idea, and we do it all to preserve the natural beauty of our metro. Keep reading and know how you can do some of it by yourself.

Wood garage door in Newton, MA.

How would I be able to maintain the natural beauty of my wooden garage door?

Residential wood garage doors are very durable, designed to last many years, as long as it gets to be maintained once in awhile to prevent failure and rotten of the door. Also, because a wood door is heavier than any steel door, its hardware must be under inspect once in a while, to make sure to prevent its failure.

At the next video, we will show you the great effect when renewing the look of a wood door. It gives the door a natural look. It simple to do - may even do it by yourself.

A more refined method of applying faux finish woodgrain to metal garage doors

Maintenance Service by RD Garage Door Repair

A maintenance service on a wood garage door will ensure its long lasting and safety operation for years to come. We advise using our special promotion for maintenance services for wooden garage door, once in at least, two years, for any wooden door. Our service is including the maintenance of the hardware, such as

  • Springs

  • Cables

  • Opener

  • Rollers

  • Tracks

But also, all in regards to the door itself. Don’t wait until something goes wrong - Let us prevent it by maintaining it for you. A starting price for wood garage door maintenance will be $99 and will be done only by one of our well-trained technicians.

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