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How To Fix a Stuck Or Noisy Garage Door In 5 Points

There could be many things that can make a - loud garage door. In this guide, we will show you 5 points on how you can make sure to avoid a "loud" garage door.

How to fix a stuck or noisy garage door in 5 points

1. Loud Opener

If your garage door opener is making noises inside your house, Then it might be because of the energy that is vibrating, inside of the opener, and is being transferred through the beam straight to the ceiling. The bolts attached with screws into the ceiling, and which may be, the floor of your bedroom. Solution: Make sure to separate the screws and put a bushing in between the ceiling to the beam, it will work like a shock absorber. After you do that, you won't believe the differences. No more shaking and noises.

2. Noisy Chain If your opener is a chain opener, better replace it into a belt opener - but as long as you keep it, here is what you should do. Chain get fatigue over time, what can cause it to be a bit loose and to hit the piece of metal (track) that around it. It usually makes a sound of Tak Tak Tak. If so, you can tie the chain. Make sure not to absolutely stretch it, because it can make to much tension and pressure on the gear - that will cause it to snap.

3. Misaligned Tracks Both sides of the garage door have two tracks, where the small rollers ride on all the way to the ground. Sometimes, something may hit the tracks, if it's with your car or even by some other objects. That can cause a miss alignments of the tracks. It will sound a grinding noise because the metal is riding against metal. If you experience these noises, take a look at the tracks, see if it's bent at some point. The track secured with brackets, and it's adjustable. You can unscrew it and adjust it correctly.

4. Lithium Grease You can use Lithium Grease on the rollers ball bearings and the shafts. Make sure to spray it only where needed - Don't spray the tracks.

5. Coil Spring (Torsion) The coil spring can be another source of noise. The coils are runnings against each other, and if it drys out, it makes a lot of noises. Try to operate the door, and listen to the sound of the coils, if it does make a loud noise, use the Lithium Grease to spray the coils. Start from the top of the coil all the way towards the end of it. Spray it only with one row, the oil will spread to the bottom of the coils and will prevent, or at least reduces the noises. Also, check the pulleys, they roll on ball bearings. Use some oil and spray inside the bearings. It will also reduce the noise while working.

Those five points are the most crucial points that must maintain at least once in every three months. While keep maintaining the door to avoid noises, you also prevent future failure of your garage door and unnecessary damage to the hardware itself.

Want us to do professionally maintenance on your garage door? Give us a call today at: (888) 978-5925

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