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How To Winterize Garage Door

Winter is here, and as we all aware - the winter in Massachusetts is tough! Like some types of equipment, garage doors need a proper maintenance to run properly during the Winter time. As a homeowner, you can read this article and do the following, or you can call us for our special promotion for garage door maintenance. If you choose to DIY - Please do the following.

How To Winterize Garage Door

Proper Lubrication

Regardless winter time, it is important to have proper lubrication on any garage door, throughout all year - Especially during the Winter season. Garage doors have many moving parts and high friction of metal to metal. Use Lithium Grease and lubricate the rollers ball bearings and the shafts, also if your door operates on Torsion spring system, you should lubricate the coil from one side to the other. You can find more useful information about garage door maintenance here.

lubricate the rollers ball bearings and the shafts


Insulation for garage doors in Massachusetts is a must to have. Because of the cold weather during the winter, insulation will save you a lot of money on your energy bills. The type of insulation you want is much about the kind of door you have, but the most common insulation is rigid foam insulation. That sort of insulation is high as efficient energy saving, reduce sounds from the street and helps keep your garage warm during winter, as well as your house. Read this article on How to Insulate a Garage Door

Rigid foam insulation

Weatherstripping Seal:

Around the door there are many gaps which the only way to block the cold wind from getting in, is by weatherstripping seals.

Torn Vinyl Weatherstripping Around The Garage Door - The flexible vinyl presses against the door to keep out drafts and noises. Go over the outside frame and search for crack and torn. If you see any, better replace the whole seal. You can find more information about torn vinyl weatherstripping repair here

Garage Door Lower Panel Weatherstrip - On the bottom panel of your garage you will find a thick strip of rubber, that use as a seal between the section to the floor. It uses to block noises, water licking, and cold weather, as well as the wind. It shouldn't be hard to replace it, shouldn’t cost much for materials and can be done easily in few minutes. You can watch the next video that provides an excellent explanation on DIY for replacing weatherstrip on garage door lower panel.

If you wish to hire a professional company to Winterize your Garage Door, Please contact us, at RD-Garage Doors for more information, or call (888) 978-5125.

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